Fairs & Festivals


We are one of the largest middle buying agencies in the market, which means we have leverage in negotiating the lowest prices possible on artists!

We’ve booked entertainment for festivals such as: Firefly, Insomniac Events, The Rock Boat, 311 Cruise, Parahoy!, Music Fest NW, and MORE!

We have our pulse on whats trending, who’s hot and who will be the next act to break. Get in touch to see who’s on the road now, and who will be hot new band on the festival circuit next summer!

We serve as your liaison through the entire booking and show execution process.   Starting from researching the artists through the on-site activations, we will help you handle every step!

Here are some of the major festivals we’ve been involved with:

Firefly | Nocturnal Wonderland | The Rock Boat | Kiss Kruise | Gronk’s Party Ship | 311 Cruise | Sail Across the Sun | Mad Decent | Music Fest NW | North Coast Music Fest | Groove Cruise | Walker Stalker | AND MORE!!!


Looking for Entertainment Ideas for Your Event?

Give us a call (732-818-9600) to discuss options to bring in the biggest name within your budget. We have access to thousands of acts that are currently touring. Our budget based, comprehensive pricing list (which is available upon request) will make it easier for you to review possible talent by budget.