Final Day at NACA Live!

Posted On: 02/21/2023

Author: Chelsea Dulaney

Dear Diary,

Waking up here on Day #5 in Louisville, and it was a beautiful morning. Some of the Degy team left already to head back and get a jump start on the work week. While these multi-day events tire you out, it never feels like Groundhog Day when you are around such amazing people and experiences.

We scheduled many more morning meetings, and the team kicked off the day with one of the educational sessions we love to deliver, “MAJOR EVENTS: How to survey, price, budget, offer, contract, market, advance & execute a major event in 50 minutes!” The long title does it justice as we cover a TON in under an hour.

We also had 2 more showcases today as well, Pop-up Pride, and Movie Night! Pop-up Pride was everything you would expect in a Drag Show/Dance Party and more! They had the crowd up and dancing and even pulled some on the stage for a dance competition! We had Movie Night later in the day and they had the crowd up on their feet rocking!! We are so blessed to work with such amazing Talent!

However, our time here in Louisville at NACA LIVE comes to an end as we say goodbye to our buyers from colleges across the country. Business has been tremendous and the connections even better. One of the unique things that happens at NACA is “block booking”, a process to incentivize buyers to work together to save money. While the process looks very different in 2023 (some may say it has less focus and excitement than before) than it did when we broke into the college market, we were excited to see a ton of booking forms ringing into our inbox yesterday. Nelly’s Echo was incredibly well received by the group, and it resulted in about 20 buyers already exerting interest in bringing him on their campuses. (And they got to do this from our app!)

Now the real fun begins, hahahah, Take down! Time to decide how to pack up all of our Degy gear (and there is A LOT!) We have to meticulously decided on what goes to Florida as we start two new conventions there tomorrow, what ships up to a conference in New Jersey, and the rest will head to their home in Florida until we need them again. We take the process of preparation for our buyers very seriously so that we can always put our best face forward.

We have had such a wonderful few days at NACA LIVE, and can’t wait to do it again!

Jumping on the plane now.

Write again soon.

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