The Need for Speed!

Posted On: 02/24/2023

Author: Chelsea Dulaney

Dear Diary,

Today was the first day in a while that we have not had a conference/convention to attend, although tomorrow morning we are going to set up for CMAA’s (Club Management Association of America) 2023 World Conference and Club Business Expo. We focused our day today on catching up on work life. We had meetings with each other, with our interns, and began follow up meetings for all the buyers that we have met over the last few days all over the country! Although it doesn’t sound near as exciting as our last few days… it was JUST as busy.

We finished up our meetings around 5:30 for the day and quickly got ready and grabbed a ride over to K1 Speed Orlando. Degy was invited by Michael Silver with Silver Industries to this event at their company retreat, where Ari spoke about Degy, past, present, and future. We partner with this amazing group of people to bring our buyers experiences such as Foam Drop, Paint U, Wig Out, Swift Night, UV Glow Parties. Michael spoke about all of the exciting new concepts and innovations that their staff is working on to make these parties even better and even more turnkey. (And there is A LOT coming!)

Then it was time to put the pedal to the metal! We even got Ari out there…. AND NOT WEARING FLIP FLOPS! (Which if you know him, this is a BIG deal hahahah) We raced around the track 12 times to see who was in the “winners’ group”, and who was in the “fun group” hahahahaha Ari kicked butt and got a placement in the “winner’s circle” and ended up placing 2nd overall! Chelsea and Sophie had a lot of fun in the “fun group” hahahahaha K1 did a great job hosting us, and one day we will be back!

Tomorrow morning, we will get up early and go to set up our final convention for this trip.

Write again soon.

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