Alive! Mental Health Fair

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Alive! Mental Health Fair, the most successful suicide prevention and education program on college campuses, has added a virtual program, Mental Health Town Hall (MHTH). Students at over 100 campuses have already experienced this amazing program

Expert Panelists: The nation’s leading experts on suicide prevention and mental wellness dispell the myths around depression, isolation and suicide. Students learn what to say to someone they are worried about as well as who to reach out to for help

Share a Secret: Students get to share their secrets anonymously by uploading into our virtual Secret Drop Box online in advance of the event. During the period when students are in the waiting room waiting for the event to start they get to see the secrets their peers have already shared before the event.

Q&A: The last segment of the MHTH is where students get to ask questions and share what is on their minds. Campus counselors are invited to participate and field questions alongside the expert panel. At the outset of the Mental Health Town Hall, students fill out a survey about how they feel, what their stress level may be, and confront the fears they have about the future. At the end of the online event, we ask them to fill out the survey again to see if there has been a change in how they feel and what they have learned. That data is shared with the appropriate leadership at the college or university to help evaluate the effectiveness of the MHTH and to learn what issues their student body are facing to help frame a response and initiate programming that can help address those issues.

To book the Mental Health Town Hall for your students, please contact:

Jeff Hyman at ​Jeff@Degy.comAri Nisman ​Ari@Degy.comPh: 732-818-9600

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