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Kenneth Charles Blume III, known professionally as Kenny Beats, is an American record producer, audio engineer, and songwriter. A lot of his productions credits often fall into the Trap music sub-genre of hip-hop, commonly using 16th/8th note hi-hats with slight variation (such as rolls), hard-hitting kick drums, snares & booming 808 bass shots. He also explores more versatile instrumentation, tempos, production styles etc. such as with the likes of the more laid back and instrumental approach of songs such as singer Dominic Fike’s “Phone Numbers” which contains a live guitar sample (performed by SNL lead guitarist Jared Scharff) and a more acoustic feel, backed by a Virtual Studio Technology (VST) version of a real electric bass within Ableton Live that plays the bass line, provided via the Kontakt (sampler) VST – or a more experimental sound, found within his collaborative project with rapper Denzel Curry “Unlocked” which contains many spoken word samples scattered throughout the tracks and a more disjointed feel, provided by various creative implementations of obscure musical samples found throughout the project. His songs often begin with the tagline “Whoa, Kenny!” Kenny calls his studio “The Cave”, and beginning in March 2019, Kenny launched a YouTube series of the same name called “The Cave”, in which he invites artists to rap 16-32 bars over a custom beat he creates during the video.

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