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Taja Cheek, known professionally as L’Rain, is an American experimentalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and curator known primarily as the lead vocalist and songwriter of her eponymous band. Her self-titled debut, L’Rain, was included in best-of-year lists by publications including Pitchfork and Bandcamp Daily; her second album, Fatigue, was counted among Pitchfork’s “Best New Music”. L’Rain has been recognized for experimental music that draws on a vast number of traditions and genres in a practice and aesthetic Cheek calls “approaching songness”. Reviewers have variously identified her style and influences as including free jazz, ambient, noise music, and disco; experimental pop and dance; “psychedelic orchestral pop” and “distorted shoegaze”; krautrock, outsider music, and hip hop; R&B and avant-garde rock; gospel, funk, and post-punk; and soul, drone, and avant-pop.

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