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Puma Blue is the alias of singer/songwriter, producer & multi-instrumentalist Jacob Allen, currently based between London & Atlanta. He released his debut album ”In Praise of Shadows” in February 2021, featuring songs “Velvet Leaves,” “Opiate” & “Silk Print.”  He produces the music himself at home, focusing the sound around his falsetto voice, soft lo-fi textures & dark, soulful drums. Originally growing from the south-east London music scene, Jacob has frequently collaborated with his friends & peers, including Biig Piig, Lava La Rue & long time friend Lucy Lu, honing his music between intimate live shows & late-night producing sessions. His live shows are where his music truly comes alive, performing with a band of close friends & blending improvisation with sensual J Dilla influenced grooves & a vocal often likened to Jeff Buckley.  His debut EP Swum Baby was released independently in June 2017. This followed popularity of Jacob’s demo of “Only Trying 2 Tell U” originally released in 2014 under his real name. A song he gave a proper release in early 2018 with new, delicately sparse production, alongside B-side “Moon Undah Water” Following this was a 2nd EP “Blood Loss” in late 2018, and a live solo album recorded (unbeknownst to him) on his own.  (Live at Eddie’s Attic, Atlanta).  Jacob also sometimes makes music under the monikers Ruby Bliels & Boss Nass.

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