Rita Rudner

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Rita Rudner is an American actress, comedian, screenplay writer and author, well known in the comedy circuit for her soft, light-hearted humorous one-liners, based mostly on the dynamics of relationships between men and women. Rudner started out as a chorus line dancer with Broadway shows in New York but after struggling with that for a while, she jumped onto doing stand-up comedy acts at clubs in New York City. She made a career change because at the time stand-up comedy was not as much competitive for women and Rudner had a knack for comedy. She soon got some exposure on the television through television commercials at first and then she started to get recognition as a comedian through TV shows like ˜Tonight Show With Johnny Carson’, ˜Late Night With David Letterman’, etc.

As she got more and more air time on the television, she began to get more creative opportunities – HBO offered her a solo act on its network ˜Rita Rudner’s One Night Stand’, followed by ˜Born To Be Mild’ and ˜Married Without Children’. She is also a bestselling author for books that are witty and humorous, like, ˜Guide To Men’, ˜Naked Beneath My Clothes’, etc. She lives with her family in Vegas now where she does cabarets and production shows.

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