Despite its moniker, byerSelf is more than your typical solo project; with its mesmerizing blend of modern covers and catchy originals, it will redefine what you thought the cello was capable of! byerSelf is the pseudonym of singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Greg Byers. The first jazz/classical cellist/bassist to graduate from the University of Miami, Greg’s pioneering musical style focuses on modern styles, improvisation, and integrating technology. Armed with only his voice, electric cello and pedalboard, byerSelf uses live looping to create lush backdrops and infectious grooves. Every performance, Greg amazes the audience with his instrumental virtuosity and heartfelt vocals.



LENGTH OF SHOW:  30 – 90 Minutes


I was unsure of how well a performance would work in the midst of our current “virtual,” stay-at-home environment.  Greg exceeded expectations and WAS able to create an informative, fun, and interactive presentation for my students.

Christopher Jannings

Orchestra Director |Roseville Area High School

Easily one of the top improvising cellists on the planet today

Christian Howes


Creating Without Borders: Interdisciplinary Collaboration Across Borders

Today’s professionals need to be able to explore partnerships across cultural, societal, and disciplinary boundaries in order to come up with innovative solutions. In this workshop, Greg Byers uses several of his multidisciplinary projects as a metaphor for the need to listen to other perspectives. Projects include Serenade for the Solar System, a journey through a scientifically accurate model of our galaxy accompanied by original music; Acoustic Cuisine, a live synergy of food and music; Memento Anima, a looped cello suite with visual accompaniment.


My students love the opportunity to work with Greg virtually.  His easy-going and conversational style is just what my students needed during virtual learning. Greg really made the experience personal to the students and had in-depth real-world answers for each of their questions as well as advice and a great positive message that they needed to hear. Extremely fun, even on an online virtual platform!

Heather Gonzalez

Orchestra Director | John Jay High School

If you are looking for a charismatic, creative, and caring pedagogue who can bring out excellence and confidence in students of all ages, then you are looking for Greg Byers.

Levi Comstock

Director of Orchestras | Champlin Park High School

Length of Class: 30 – 90 minutes | Preferred Platform: Zoom