Make your Philanthropy Event, Greek Week, or Social that much better! Grab a pair of headphones and dance the night away. You will never have to worry about the party getting too loud!

How it works: We provide you with headphones and the music, you put the headphones on, pick your song, and dance away. Headphones come with two or three channels which allows you to listen to whatever song you like and if you don’t like one you can move on the next channel. The best part you don’t know what channel the people around you are listening to. Well of course unless you are all jamming out and singing the same lyrics.

How to make it happen: You tell us how many people attending your Greek event. We will send you enough headphones to ensure everyone has a great time. Either we provide you with some of the best live DJs or you can hook up the headphones to any system that you may have. Or you are able to provide with your own DJs. You name it and we will make it happen. Want to give one of your organization’s member a chance to DJ, go ahead. We will send one DJ to work alongside of whom ever you may choose!

Where do you put it: The Best part, headphone disco can be set up anywhere you need! A tailgate before the football game, at a house, in the courtyard, in the school’s gym, you name it and we will make it happen.

What you do next: Take a look at your crowd. Half of them are jamming out to the newest Chainsmokers song while the other side is screaming Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” at the top of their lungs. Give yourself a pat on the back for planning a killer event.

Check out this video to learn more!

Contact our Greek representatives for more info! or

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