Thanks for joining us at NACA Central  in Oklahoma City! If you missed any of our showcasing artists, we got you covered! Scroll through our conference recap for video and info on each act and click on the conference one-sheet above to zoom in on pricing.



Introducing the brand new touring dance party from the guys who brought you Headphone Disco and Throwback Time Machine – DJ Spin’s MUSICAL ROULETTE.

Get ready to take part and bust some moves on the dance-floor with the most exciting and interactive student party ever.  Imagine a dance party where the music is controlled by the people on the dancefloor…where the dj has no idea what styles he needs to play next…where Hip Hop takes on Pop and EDM… This is MUSICAL ROULETTE!

At every Musical Roulette party the stage is set with our 6ft tall all signing all dancing spinning wheel of fortune style roulette wheel.  The DJ takes stage beside the wheel and invites students up onto the stage area every 15 minutes to give it a spin, where the wheel stops no one knows, but when it does stop it selects a specific genre of the music.  Its then over to our superstar DJ who will cut up and scratch his way through that style until its time to spin the wheel again!  No 2 Musical Roulette shows will ever be the same as its down to the wheel to determine whats next!


Don’t worry if theres a style of music you don’t want on the wheel, we can swap the genres about to tailor the party to suit.




Shane & Emily is a male/female duo consisting of Shane Anderson (vocals, guitar, keyboard, and looper pedal) and Emily Grace (vocals, ukulele, And U-Bass) based out of Tampa, FL. Shane is originally from Oshawa, ON, and Emily is from Fredericktown, MO, bringing together two very different upbringings and influences to create a fresh, upbeat and soulful sound in their original music and cover songs, which they play live every night all over the Tampa Bay and beyond.

Shane & Emily will be the ROVING Showcase artist all day, October 12th and will be hanging in the Degy booth during CAMP!





For those that don’t know Austin, it would be easy to put him in the same category as many of today’s chart toppers. He looks the part. And he has charisma that is infectious. But, at 22 years old, Austin Moody has remarkable talent, depth and soulfulness that rivals that of many of the great country artists that came before him.

As a truly original artist, it’s not easy to compare Austin’s style to any one individual… so think Don Williams meets John Mayer… very honest and real, but with a fresh, sexy vibe.

Austin writes from the heart and offers authentic, relatable music. From Kingsport, TN, Austin stays true to his roots, he writes about what he knows and feels. On stage, his energy and spirit is contagious and he delivers his music in a way that is fun and keeps fans coming back time and time again.

Austin is showcasing October 13th at 2pm and will be in the Degy Booth in the marketplace afterwards. So be sure to come say hi, ask him his record for goats milked in a day, what it’s like to write with the biggest names in Nashville, or just get some more info on pricing, routing, and avails!






Lakin is a young singer/songwriter with a voice sweeter than honey, whose combination of genre-defying musical styles, stunning melodic gifts, beauty, and warmth shine through in her heartfelt lyrics and powerful performances. She grew up in an entertainment based family in Riverside, California and went on to major in jazz studies at Long Beach State. Lakin has cultivated a loyal fan base throughout Southern California, opening for such major acts as Sheryl Crow, Colbie Caillat, Brian McKnight, Sheila E., and Gladys Knight. On her excellently received album, If Night Turns to Daylight, Lakin displays her multiple talents of writing, performing, arranging, and producing. Her striking collection of songs represents a revolution of the spirit—reflecting themes that go beyond the superficial and into the deeper human experience of the reconciliation of the soul. Lakin’s music is sure to penetrate not only the listener’s ear, but the listener’s heart.

Lakin will be coming all the way from California to showcase for you and will be in the Degy booth before and after her showcase so be sure to stop by and say hi!





Headphone Disco are the inventors of the ‘silent dance party’ format and have been touring the world for the past 7 years.
Performing some huge college shows led to them being voted ‘Best Novelty Act’ 2013 by the readers of Campus Activities Magazine in March of last year. So how does it work?
We arrive at your school (or showcase!) with our 2 resident DJs and our 2 channel wireless headphones
Our DJs spin 2 different styles of music side by side over 2 different wireless channels.
Guests select which DJ they want to listen to using the switch on their headphones (provided by us) then get busy on the dancefloor.
Imagine a dancefloor where one half of the crowd are singing along to One Direction while the other half are doing The Wobble! Bizarre, mind-blowing but most of all a huge amount of fun.

In addition to their late night Special Events Showcase, Headphone Disco will have a booth next to our Degy booth in the Marketplace. They’ll be spinning all the hits and have the headphones out for you to try out and maybe start your own dance party right there inthe booth!




The brothers Ty and Trey, that make up The Icarus Account, are living their dream as professional musicians writing songs that strike an emotional chord with their listeners. As The Icarus Account, they’ve learned a lot about writing and performing, but ultimately the goal has never changed. “We try to write songs that are honest and relatable,” Trey shares. “One of the most beautiful things about writing songs is that it proves how connected all of us really are. We get messages all the time where people tell us that our songs ‘say everything they are feeling but didn’t know how to express.’ To me it’s really humbling because I’ve never met that person before and yet they are feeling the same feelings that we had when we wrote the song.” The duo continues to pursue this passion of moving an audience. In fact, it is writing with that same purpose and passion that makes each of their albums feel new and unique.



Multitalented singer-songwriter Rachel Brown has a unique voice that combines sweetness, sultriness and vulnerability, enchanting the listener. New York City born, with Bermudian, Ethiopian, and Southern roots, she creates a captivating fusion of pop, Caribbean, world, Hawaiian, country, and hip hop. Brown has shared the stage with Wyclef Jean, Mary J. Blige, Robin Thicke, Quincy Jones, and John Legend, and has received multiple music awards. She won Perez Hilton’s “Can YOU Sing???” competition for her rendition of “Without You” by David Guetta featuring Usher. She was also the 2011 winner of the Abe Olman Scholarship from the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, as well as the 2010 winner of the ASCAP Foundation Robert Allen Award for Excellence in Songwriting. Graduating with honors from Harvard College in May 2010, she was named one of Harvard’s “15 Most Interesting Seniors.”



Brian Thompson, better known by his stage name, Stealing Oceans, is an American hip hop artist from Andover, Massachusetts now living in Nashville, TN. A versatile musician, Thompson switches between acoustic written songs that pull at the heart to synth driven party songs that make you want to dance. Best known for his live show, Thompson and his band were nominated for “Best Live Act” at the 2015 Nashville Industry Music Awards and “Best Funk/Reggae/Fusion Band” in 2016.

In 2014, Thompson joined forces with saxophone player/producer Ryan Swinehart. Swinehart, a native of Chesapeake, VA, graduated from Belmont University in 2012 with a degree in Audio Engineering. Swinehart has played a key role in the success of the band not only as a stand out performer but a major component in the production and engineering of the S/O sound.

Thompson has written songs with Michael McDonald, Richard Marx, Trey Bruce, Victoria Horne (Lady V) and many other great songwriters. In the summer of 2016, Thompson teamed up with the songwriting powerhouse duo of Schmarx and Savvy (Roundhill Music) to begin the writing and recording of his newest project, I Am Stealing Oceans.




Introducing, Scratch & Bang; a dynamic and energetic live concept rocking venues, festivals and college campuses. Formed with the aim of creating a new type of act the duo have developed and refined their show into an explosive and energetic live experience.
On the Technics 1210’s is DJ Corleone, a renowned and respected turntablist in his own right. Playing opposite is Mike Bowers, a hard working and talented drummer with years of live experience
Together they de-construct, re-edit and remix massive dancefloor fillers live and on the fly in an uproarious stage show. While Corleone chops-up and scratches tracks the audience know and love Mike loops some insane live drum breaks over the top creating a wholly interactive show that not only sounds amazing but is visually stunning too.
A campus favorite, Scratch & Bang form the bridge between ‘live act’ and ‘dance party’ making them an excellent showcase choice.



The Big Bounce America is a BRAND NEW 10,000 square feet of full-on inflatable fun. We’ve taken a 100 X 100-foot footprint and packed it full of the craziest, most action-packed entertainment you could imagine. Complete with stages and performace space for DJs or bands, ball pits, slides, basketball and more!

Get in touch with your Degy Agent to learn more about this brand new and exciting experience from Degy Dance!