Krigarè is known for her strong imagery with intense storytelling lyrics.  Her electronic driven melodies, weighted with textured guitars, takes the listener on a cinematic journey of emotions, battles and empowerment.  Krigarè first got her start in the music industry backing the piano for Kelly Clarkson at the Grammy Awards, but since then she has learned to carve her own path by breaking into the licensing world of cinematic/pop. With multiple songs licensed for film and television, and collaborations with artists from around the world, Krigarè is making her way and leaving her mark. She has performed at the 2016 National NACA Conference, Evolution Music Festival, High School Nation tour, and colleges around the nation.  With her newest album release titled “KRIGARÈ”, Krigarè tells her compelling stories of surviving two different cancers all by the age of 18. “My life has been full of battles these last three years.  It has been by far the most challenging years not only as a person, but also as an artist. I’ve had to find my voice again, and decide on who I am coming out of trying times. I am a WARRIOR!”