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Reverse Order

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Reverse Order is a dynamic pop rock band from the United States started by brothers John and Cruise Russo that is rounded out by Andrew Katsock. Blending styles and genres, with a passion for music from all eras, Reverse Order has crafted a captivating performance that seizes the audience and will have them singing along, clapping, and dancing from start to finish. They have toured the US extensively and also performed in Mexico and Russia. Reverse Order’s original music is centered on real life experiences that are full of passion and relatable. Their connection with their longtime fans and first time listeners is instantaneous and undeniable.

Some of their accomplishments include:

  • Van’s Warped Tour
  • Producer’s Pick on NBC’s America’s Got Talent
  • Being chosen as US Cultural Ambassadors to Russia
  • Creating Reverse the Trend, an anti-bullying and motivational concert and program that has been brought to more than 500 schools nationwide.

In the last three years the band has used their touring to make a huge impact on students with their motivational concert and anti-bullying talk, “Reverse the Trend”. Seeing the rise in bullying and bullying related suicide, in not only the media, but their personal lives; John, Cruise and Drew wanted to share their personal experiences and teach kids how to overcome life’s struggles in a safe and positive way.

Whether performing electric or acoustic, for audiences of all ages, in an intimate café, a large arena, or on television, Reverse Order will capture your heart and give you a performance you’ll always remember.


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October 3, 2016