That 80s Band

That 80s Band

Rubik’s Cubes, Pac-Man, skinny ties and leg warmers—That 80s Band brings back the sound of the 80s Pop/Rock/New-Wave era. Comprised of Valerie Girl (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Mick Fly (Bass/Vocals), Jon Dohnson (Keyboards/Vocals), Izzy Furreel (Lead Guitar/Vocals), and Rod Springfield (Drums), That 80s Band is a fun, high-energy recreation of the 80s music scene.

This is not a modern version of everyone’s favorite 80s tunes. This is as close to going back in time as humanly possible without a Flux Capacitor and plutonium.

The experienced line-up has the capabilities (and gnarly wardrobe) to cover the most popular (Madonna, Rick Springfield) to the nostalgic one-hit wonders (Aha, Tommy Tutone). So, dig out your parachute pants, fingerless gloves, jackets with lots of zippers, practice your moonwalk, and check out this band…They’re like, totally tubular!

“[The pep rally] was so fun! The crowd loved it, I loved it! They were awesome, as usual.” – K. Neill, St. Louis Cardinals, 2013

“You guys knocked out of the park last night. What a great first time event for us. Nothing but compliments and people commenting they’re ready for next year….”   – Brian Has, Rockin’ the Park, Jackson, MO 2015

“The band was amazing! You guys ROCKED THE NIGHT!!!” – O’Reilly Auto Conference, Edward Jones Dome, 2016



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September 17, 2016