The Magic Wardrobe Dance Party

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The Magic Wardrobe Dance Party

Introducing ‘The Magic Wardrobe – Costume Dance Party’ blending costume, theatrics and DJ skills to create an insane and truly unique live experience. Already a massive hit on the European club and festival circuit the Magic Wardrobe is now set to bring it’s good-vibes, different themed events and costume changes to US colleges. At this fun dance party, guests are actively encouraged to be a living, breathing part of each show by coming in a costume relevant to each tour’s theme. Didn’t get the ‘dress up’ memo? Don’t worry, we supply props with every booking to add to the party too!

At the center of the madness is our resident DJ who hosts the party madness! One man, who loves to dress up, will provide the soundtrack and guidance for famous dance-routines. With his sick DJ skills and a bag full of the biggest feel-good club anthems guaranteed to get any party started! Watch him whip, watch him nae nae and watch him do it all in some amazing outfits.

Smile… Every Magic Wardrobe party comes with a custom designed state of the art ‘photo booth’ which is open from when the party starts for everyone to use throughout the night! All the pictures taken get uploaded directly to whatever social media site you guys choose, so make sure you strike a pose…

Every Magic Wardrobe party comes with a dress up party theme to give students some ideas for what costumes to go for, here are our current themes to choose from –

* Spring Break Beach Party

* Superheroes & Villains

* Hogwarts Hoedown

* Zombie Prom

* Back To The 90s

If none of these grab your imagination don’t worry, you can come up with your own theme! Just let us know what you want to go with and we can tailor the party to suit. Every Magic Wardrobe event comes with a ‘prop box’ to be used to add to the party flavor! Each box has enough whacky giveaways to cover upto 100 students, if you think you might want some more goodies to give away just let us know and we can arrange to send you another box! From comedy celebrity masks and glo stuff to inflatable stage props and décor, there is plenty to use to help spice up the party!

Bring The Magic Wardrobe – costume dance party to your campus and we’ll help you through the wildest costume party ever! For fee’s and availability contact Jeff or Ari at Degy!



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September 10, 2016