Enjoy our escape rooms where the group races against the clock to solve the mystery! Different games have different twists! You can get one at a time or all the versions over the course of time, you can mix them up, you don’t have to have done one to do the others. We have some upcoming holiday themed rooms as limited time offers!


The Detective Axley Series

The Engagement

You and your team of Detectives will secure your gear, grab your badges and attempt to locate your missing partner, Detective John Axley. You’ll work directly with Detective Wilder live inside the precinct, while video chatting with fellow sleuths, scouring the internet and our virtual world to defuse a bomb and locate his whereabouts.  Time is not your friend, you only have 45 minutes to solve this mystery and rescue John before he’s truly in ‘over his head.’

Nature Calls

In part two of this unique and thrilling trilogy, Detectives Axley & Wilder are settling into retirement and enjoying the fruits of a long career.  Mr. E had eluded the fed’s for many years and had seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth.  Or at least that’s what he wanted everyone to believe.  Team up with John, live, inside his, uh…hmm…house, and pick up the adventure a few years later.  


You don’t want to miss the last installment of Detectives Axley & Wilder’s quest to end the reign of terror of the truly evil Mr. E, once and for all.  Unfortunately, he is not going quietly.  Join your old friends in one final race, around the world, working closely with your team of Top Sleuths to save Lady Justice for good!  Shot in stunning 360º this adventure is sure to push your skills to the limit in our maximum overdrive race to save the world!

Themed Escape Rooms

Dead Lift

Paranormal activity is confirmed at the Vinewood Apartments.  Get to the bottom of this 360° fully immersive mystery, or you might not make it out alive…  This game contains flashing lights and scary images, and is not suitable for young children!

Oy Gevalt!

Oy Gevalt (Jewish Version)! is a brain boggling and mind blowing social media driven adventure where an escape room meets true detective. You’ll live chat with your fellow sleuths, scour our virtual world and the internet for clues while racing against the clock. This is a high-stakes, all or nothing, maximum speed adventure to save your brother and make the bad guy pay. Buckle up, it’s going to be a fast ride!

Escape with STEM

Exciting new game built around the principals of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM). Research shows 75% of kids who participate in hands-on STEM activities feel a sense of empowerment. Join our LIVE moderator in our popular Virtual Escape Room environment to gather clues, solve problems, learn, and save the world! Secure & Safe for kids, no software to purchase, play from anywhere. 9-35 players per game, ages 10-17

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