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3 Easy & Unusual Self-Development Tips for College Students

April 24, 2024
Dr. Simone Alicia
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College life is brimming with opportunities for personal growth and transformation. Are you ready to unleash your full potential? Get ready to discover three easy, science-backed self-development tips that you’ve probably never heard before! 

Each of these tips will help you set the stage for success in your academic journey and beyond.

Tip 1: Master Your Emotional Target - It’s the Key to Unlocking Limitless Potential

I know what you’re thinking! You’re ready to hear the usual speech about goal setting, but I have something a little different for you this time.  Rather than focusing solely on physical goals like getting good grades or earning tons of money, let’s learn to prioritize your “emotional targets,” first.  Also known as “Target Emotions,” these are the feelings you are striving to feel at the most successful points in your life, such as optimism, gratitude, empowered, valued, capable, and so on. These target emotions will often reflect the success mindset that precedes the achievement of your physical goals.

Here’s how:

  1. Write “I love the thought of feeling ___________” (write as many emotions/feelings you want to have. Get creative and thing outside of the box)
  2. As you write each feeling, imagine feeling it and enjoy the thought and the feelings that come.
  3. Do this once or twice per day to reprogram your mind and train your heart.

By concentrating on your desired emotions, you'll create a powerful shift in your thinking patterns. Research shows that this approach of elevating your positive emotions, creates a clear and ‘coherent’ signal between the heart and the brain.  Think of it as music playing in harmony, producing clear & rhythmic sounds you can vibe to. This Heart-Mind Coherence Process is the heart of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work in quantum physics. His extensive research tells us that thoughts and emotions have a biochemical effect on our internal environment and real measurable effects on our external environment.  

So if you’re ready to see changes in your life, both inside and out - reach for those emotional targets.  Focus on cultivating feelings of gratitude, positivity, and resilience. To intensify the feeling you can activate the power of clear visualizations - known as mental imagery.  This combination of feeling in the heart and seeing in the mind, activates Neuro Linguistic Programming tools, Neuroscience and Mental Imagery to help you lay the groundwork for success in all areas of your life. 

It all starts in the mind.

With clear emotional targets in your heart and mind, you open your mind up to recognizing and seizing opportunities more easily. You’ll reprogram your mind to fearlessly take action towards your physical goals with greater resilience, ease,and confidence.

Tip 2: Design Your Ultimate Mental Playlist - This isn’t about music!

Just like I mixed things up in the first tip, this one comes with a little twist too!  Most of us love music and understand how a good playlist can set the tone for a powerful workout or a super focused study session.  Let’s take that concept and roll it over into our personal development journey.  

The music gets stuck in your head, it’s looping, living rent free in your brain and you can’t help but go with it sometimes - accidentally singing out loud and taking the posture of the artist.  You know what I mean, embodying the energy of the song, and using it to take you through the day!

Well, imagine harnessing that same power to supercharge your personal growth! Just like curating the perfect playlist in music, you can create a playlist of empowerment for your life.

So how do you do it?  Lots of ways, here are 6 ways you can try:

  1. Binge on uplifting movies with powerful messages to empower your spirit and reignite your passion. Let these get stuck in your head.
  2. Tune into empowering podcasts for fresh perspectives and practical advice on personal growth. This is what we want looping and affecting our mood and behavior.
  3. Read books written by people who are where you want to be. Want to be a millionaire? Read those books. Want to open a business, read business books.  Get immersed in the world you say you want.  Add it to your mental playlist and never press stop!
  4. Explore self-help videos on YouTube for a daily dose of motivation and encouragement. Come on rent-free resources, there’s a space here for you to live!
  5. Choose your music wisely.  NO! I am not telling you to abandon the greatest hits with the best beat (and the worst messages). I’m saying you need to be aware of how often this pops up on your “mental playlist” because it all becomes a part of the empowerment (or disempowerment) in your mind.
  6. Follow social media accounts that fill you with hope, confidence, helpful quotes, reminders of your limitless potential and more. Imagine being hooked on social media that makes you feel better about yourself!

The point is to surround yourself with content that uplifts and empowers you. Fill your mind with reminders of positivity. Reinforce your personal growth goals and deliberately build an environment that nurtures your true potential for stratospheric success in your life!

Tip 3: Heart-Focused Living - Cultivating Resilience and Calm

Have you ever felt that type of stress that just seems to sit on your chest?  Your heart feels weighed down and defeated. Well, we certainly can’t address self-development in your college career without addressing stress-relief, am I right!?

So, let’s be real, these moments are going to come. Heavy workload, dramatic family members, frenemies, the list of negative possibilities goes on, but what have done to counteract these stress filled moments?

I’m definitely not talking about thelimited  solutions we usually use, like switching classes, avoiding family members, and dropping fake friends. There’s a time for all of that, but I want to give you more!

I’m talking about the solution that involves your heart!  It’s time to treat your own heart the way you wanted others to treat it.  I mean think about it, this beautiful organ is working 24-7 for you, but we don’t even notice it until it hurts.

So, let’s take a note from the Heart Math institute’s Doc Childre. Let’s pay more attention to our own hearts. There’s a real science behind it and the effects are real - and measurable.  This is what Childre teaches us when he says, “When we’re engaged with our hearts, the mind slows down and our thoughts become more rational and focused.”

How can we leave that out of our empowerment journey?  As a matter of fact, Childre goes on to say, “The HeartMath Solution allows us to recognize stress as an untransformed opportunity for empowerment.” 

Did you hear that? It’s time for us to use this knowledge. Let’s transform stress into empowerment!!

So here’s what it all means: Pay more attention to your heart!  Focus on your heart with positive emotions and intention. Here’s how it works:

  1. Think about your heart - focus your attention on it.
  2. Slow your breathing down to a steady pace. Imagine that you are actually breathing in and out through your heart - like your heart has a nose (silly but it works!) You can count your breaths if that helps you to focus.
  3. Now, Imagine elevating your positive emotions - just feeling the feeling of feeling good. Gratitude is proven to have the best results!!!  (No you don’t need something good to happen first before you can do this - but you can add visualizations of happy thoughts to help

And that’s it.  I know you want something more complicated, but I specialize in bringing you simple and proven techniques. This is as simple as it gets!   And studies show that this practice has a profound impact on your nervous system, including your brain, and even helps regulate your heart rate. If you embrace this heart-centered approach, you can experience increased calm, confidence, and resilience.  This will reduce your sense of stress and help you to create a strong foundation for personal growth and well-being. That’s what it’s all about.


The tools I’ve shared with you today are now in your hands.  Do not waste time trying to convince others to use them, use them for yourself.  Success is the only proof you need! 

If you use these three tips, starting right now, you can begin to see changes.  You can begin to create a life filled with clarity, confidence and resilience. Just set your emotional target, pay more attention to your heart and create that playlist of success all around you and get ready for change.

If you love this stuff and want more, research Heart-Math, Dr. Doc Childre, and Dr. Joe Dispenza. You can also look into mental imagery, neuro-linguistic programming and metaphysical science (those are my specialities). You can also have me come into your College or University to personally deliver these, and at least a dozen more, simple, proven, but highly underutilized tools for your personal, academic and professional success.

Remember, your emotions and mindset are the driving forces behind your success.  Be sure to make them a priority and the results will speak for themselves, not just right now in college, but well into your happy and prosperous future.

Dr. Simone Alicia, D.D, h.c, 

International Self-Esteem Expert


✨TV Personality

✨Motivational Speaker

✨Founder & Coach at TSED Academy

Honorary Doctor of Divinity

Certified Metaphysical Practitioner

Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

Member of The Association for Integrative Psychology

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