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3 Tips for Determining the Best Performer for Your Event

April 4, 2024
Brad Zweir & Nick DiRoma, Vice President
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When considering including a performer or speaker in your event, it’s important to consider many factors in order to decide who will be your best fit. Booking the right act, one that aligns with the themes of your event but also gets your attendees excited, will give you the best return on investment.

Here are a few tips to consider when selecting the best performer for your event:

1. Define Your Goals: It’s important to specify the performer’s role in your event. Is the performance the main event, or is it an added experience included for attendees? If the goal is to celebrate, a musician may fit the best. If you want to inspire or educate your attendees, a speaker can fill that role. If you have a diverse group of attendees, a comedian or variety act may be best (laughter is universal). Each event is unique, so it’s important to think critically about the type of show that will have the greatest impact on your attendees.

2. Explore Genre Options: Once you know what kind of show you want to put on, consider the genre of your show. Does your event need a high-energy rock show that will get people on their feet or will an acoustic country set align better? If pursuing a speaker or comedian, what topics do you want them to discuss? For events like conferences and fundraising galas, you generally want someone knowledgeable of the topics that are relevant to your event.

3. Tailor to your Audience: Lastly, acknowledge the type of performer your demographic will relate to. Consider factors such as average age and purpose for attending this event to ensure the performer not only entertains but also connects with the audience. A younger audience may relate to a more up-and-coming performer. On the flip side, pursuing a throw-back artist may land well with the nostalgia of an older demographic. For comedians & speakers, this is when you consider if the content they typically joke about or speak on will be relevant to your audience.

Once you have used these tips to narrow down your search, create a short list of your top 5 or so artists that fit the bill. Then, if an artist isn’t available, it’s easy to make the quick switch to your next top choice and ensure you can get the best artist for your event.

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