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3 Tips for Researching & Qualifying your Artist

April 4, 2024
Brad Zweir & Nick DiRoma, Vice President
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Researching artists you’re considering and making sure they would fit well with the event you are envisioning is critical to an event’s success. Let’s break down some tips on qualifying a potential act that you are considering for your event:

1. Look at Past Performances: It’s important to have an idea of the type of show these performers put on, so you can be sure it fits well within your event. Watch some clips of them performing live. Does the audience react the way you want your audience to react? If you are looking at a comedian or speaker, will the content they discuss or joke about resonate with your audience? Make sure you have a solid understanding of what their show typically looks like. It’s also good to check if the artist has done events similar to yours before, such as private events or conferences. If you are working with a talent buyer, ask the buyer if they have worked with the artists before and to provide feedback.

2. Check the Headlines: Give each potential artist you are considering a quick Google search. Scroll through the pages that pop up, look at the News tab, and read through what kind of content or headlines are associated with this artist. Be sure to check a few different sources to make sure you get a full picture. Don’t forget to glance through the artist’s social media platforms as well. The goal is to make sure that this artist aligns with the values of your company & event.

3. Get a Reference: If you have narrowed your list down to a few artists but want to know what the artist is like to work with, try to get a reference. If you’re in contact with an agency or talent buyer, ask if they could put you in touch with a contact from another client who has booked this artist before. If you’re working on your own & come across another company that has had them before, reach out to get their opinion on how the show went. Was the act easy to work with? What kind of audience did they have and did the performance resonate with them? Getting a reference can help paint the picture of what it is like to work with an artist and solidify if you want to pursue an offer with them.

Choosing to research potential artists before putting an offer in may save you a lot of time and energy further down the road. Not only does it help you gauge how your audience will respond to the performance, but it will also allow you to approach the advance and day of show process with confidence knowing you chose the best artist for your show.

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